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Saturday, 24 March 2012

First time I met u :)

Dgn KLIK bole dpt RM100 !

Since the first time I met you,

I couldn't seem to forget you.
And lately I seem to find,
That you're always on my mind.
I feel so happy around you,
And I thank God that I found you.
At first I thought of you as a really good friend,
But I realized that my feelings there didn't end.

I was so afraid to tell you,
Cos I didnt know what youd do.
Then I heard that you felt the same way,
And those words were so easy to say.

Oh, when I see you smile,
It makes my life worth while.
And since the very start,
You have been in my heart.
When my lifes skies are dark and gray,
You chase all those storm clouds away.

I've never felt this way before,
And honestly that is for sure.
I'm so glad that we did meet,
For now my life is complete.
You're what they meant,

Thank u for reading :D

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Junejune c budak sowt said... [Reply Me!]

wahhh . awk bwat sndiri ke ni .? awesome . i like . :D